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SpotOn® Debuts Soil Moisture Meter

As with all other SpotOn® products, the newly launched SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter lives up to expectations and more. Quick and accurate soil moisture, salinity (ec), and temperature readings in a compact and durable design. Both 2.375” and 1.5” probe rods are...

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Checking Spray Coverage With SpotOn® Paper

Spraying your land and crops is routine, but how often do you review your spray coverage? It can often be hard to tell without the visual enhancement provided by SpotOn® Paper. Don't wait until it's too late, use SpotOn® Paper to help check your spray coverage. Using...

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Optimize your sprayer’s performance, as seen in CropLife

Ongoing sprayer maintenance is key for a successful spraying season, SpotOn® products makes it hassle-free! Optimize your sprayer’s performance Originally published on CropLife, August 2021 Top 3 tools to optimize your sprayer’s performance Rely on simple and quick...

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Cut Costs During Spraying Season, as seen in CropLife

It's great to see SpotOn® in CropLife! We all know how important it is to save on costs, check out SpotOn® tools to optimize sprayer performance. Read “Cut costs this spraying season” to catch up on tips that can save you time and money. Cut costs this spraying season...

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Sprayer Calibrator SC-4 Says Farewell

Limited Availability! SpotOn® Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-4 In case you missed it, the recently launched SC-5 Universal Flow Meter is set to replace the Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-4. A limited supply of Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-4’s is currently available, please...

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Innoquest Inc. Releases New Sprayer Calibrator

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEInnoquest Inc. Releases New Sprayer Calibrator Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-2 boasts new features, increased capacity and higher accuracy over previous model. Woodstock, IL (May 18, 2021) — Innoquest Inc., the designer and manufacturer of precision...

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SpotOn® Quantum PAR Light Meter Featured in Tiny Plants

Light Meter Featured in Tiny Plants Book With nearly 30 years in the horticulture field, Leslie Halleck is releasing her latest book, Tiny Plants, where she features our Light Meter! Expected April 20th - it is very much anticipated, we thank Leslie for the inclusion,...

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Announcing two new digital flow meters by Innoquest Inc

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEInnoquest Inc. Releases Two Updated SpotOn® Flow Meters New digital flow meters provide increased flow capacities allowing for broader uses in agriculture, irrigation, plumbing and water audit industries. Woodstock, IL (December 1, 2020) —...

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SpotOn® Sensor Technology

SpotOn® Sensor Technology is a proprietary filter stack coupled with an integrating light sensor to provide a flat PAR response from 400 to 700 nm under both natural and artificial light sources.

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Southern Hemisphere Spring Season

September marks the beginning of spraying season for our friends in the southern hemisphere and we have the tools you need! SpotOn® has products to keep your spraying essentials in tip-top shape. Check for worn, clogged or otherwise comprised nozzles, perform...

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