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Three Must-Have Tools For Those In The Soil & Turf Industries

Originally published on CropLife, October 2022

Three innovative tools, unlimited advantages
Time is Money, you’ve surely heard the saying before and it’s never been more true – what’s more is that it directly impacts your bottom line. Having the right tools on hand can save you time, money and unnecessary headaches. SpotOn® tools have been strategically developed to deliver accurate measurements quickly, saving you time on and off the field. Explore the lineup of Ag Soil/Turf tools, all made in the USA, and take advantage of all they have to offer.

SpotOn® Digital Soil Compaction Meter

The SpotOn® Digital Soil Compaction Meter automatically displays the maximum compaction value as soon as the probe is extracted from the soil and offers a range of 0 to 825 PSI. The digital meter accurately measures soil compaction within 15 PSI. Its rugged design and waterproof construction makes it perfect for repeated use in the field. Measurements are recorded in PSI or kPA, conveniently showing compaction severity with a green, yellow or red code. The stainless steel shaft is marked every 4 inches for easy depth reference and has a usable probe length of 30 inches.

Featuring an ultra-hard heat-treated stainless steel cone, it’s set to last for years. Additionally, its electronic force sensor eliminates changing the cone size to improve resolution and assures accurate compaction values even in soft soils.

The meter meets the industry’s standard for the shape and size of the cone and shaft as set by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE S313.3 Soil Compaction Standard).

SpotOn® Temp Probe

The SpotOn® Temp Probe was created for agricultural and commercial operations that require accurate temperature measurements of hay bales, compost, forage and mulch piles, stored grain, and soil. To meet set durability requirements, it was designed with a robust fiberglass probe shaft (34”) to eliminate bending failure, but uses a stainless steel probe tip for unmatched speed of response. The easy-to-read digital display provides precise measurements in °C or °F.

SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter – NEW!

Released in June of 2022, the SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter is a new addition to Innoquest’s soil and turf product line. Obtain quick and accurate soil moisture, EC (salinity), and temperature readings from this compact and durable meter. Both 2.375” and 1.5” probe rods are included and when not in use, the second set can be stored in the handle bar – no need to worry about misplacing them! Its ultra high frequency (100 MHz) measuring circuit provides accurate moisture measurements in a variety of soil types and salinity levels.

Users can perform readings with ease and confidence knowing that the rubber mounted rods resist bending in dry or rocky soil. After taking multiple readings, the meter provides the option to display the average, again saving you time – no need for manual calculations.

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The SpotOn® line of products provides solutions for a variety of agricultural needs, from soil and turf to sprayers, irrigation and more. Be sure to check out all the tools SpotOn® offers.

About Innoquest, Inc.
Since 1993, Innoquest president and licensed engineer Bill Hughes has designed over 75 products for the agriculture and greenhouse sectors; 19 of which have won AE-50 awards from the American Society of Agricultural Biological Engineers for outstanding innovation. The company is located in Woodstock, IL.

All tools are manufactured in the USA and come with a one-year warranty. For more details including where to make a purchase please visit or contact Dawn Robles, Sales Manager via email: or phone: (W) 815-337-8555, (M) 815-271-2115.


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