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Ongoing sprayer maintenance is key for a successful spraying season, SpotOn® products makes it hassle-free!

Optimize your sprayer’s performance

Originally published on CropLife, August 2021

Top 3 tools to optimize your sprayer’s performance

Rely on simple and quick operation provided by SpotOn’s innovative line of ag products. Tools that every sprayer operator needs for proper sprayer operation, optimal efficiency and improved accuracy.

#1 SpotOn® Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-2

Sprayer calibration has gone digital, obtain precise readings in just 10 seconds per tip and make any necessary adjustments. Industry guidelines recommend tip replacement once the flow rate exceeds that of the new tip by 10%. Accurately measuring true tip flow rate is now a prerequisite as today’s high-tech sprayers can only be properly calibrated and confirmed with this knowledge.

The SC-2 is suitable to measure flow rates of up to 2.25 GPM providing reliable readings quickly without the need for manual calculations or downloading of an app. Quickly and accurately verify sprayer operation with the SC-2, simply enter speed and nozzle spacing and the unit automatically calculates tip wear in % and application rate in GPA/LPH. For flow rates of up to 5 GPM, check out the SC-5.


#2 SpotOn® Nozzle Cleaner & Tip Tool

Specifically designed for spray tip and nozzle body cleaning and maintenance, this duo is a must-have for every sprayer operator. Replacing nozzles at the hint of an issue is costing you money! Clogged nozzles are a common nuisance that can be fixed quickly and without much effort. Use the Nozzle Cleaner to deliver a 50 PSI air blast to clear debris from your spray tips. Plus, rely on the Tip Tool featuring a brush, foldout plastic pick, spanner wrench, and utility hook to make tip maintenance quick and easy.

#3 SpotOn® Paper

Visual evaluation of spray coverage has never been easier. SpotOn® Paper (Paper) is water sensitive paper that allows for quick and easy assessment of spray coverage. Sensitive to moisture, the yellow paper turns blue wherever spray reaches it.

  • Visualize spray coverage
  • Visualize droplet size and uniformity
  • Visualize off-target application

“Efficient spray coverage is critical to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides – without it, they will not be as effective with results, and that ultimately affects a grower’s yield” says Hughes. This Paper is an economical alternative to other products on the market and has grown in popularity worldwide.

It’s available in multiple sizes for a variety of uses:

  • 1” x 3”
  • 2” x 3”
  • 5” x 11.75”

It can be used to assess several types of spray applications including:

  • Boom spraying
  • Aerial spraying
  • Airblast spraying
  • Handheld/backpack spraying

Using the Paper is simple, once ready to begin assessing your spray coverage identify the areas you would like to check and deploy the Paper. Depending on the type of spray application, you can either clip or staple them to branches, leaves or vines; attach them to wooden laths (for field spraying); or for aerial spraying, attach the Paper to blocks spaced at intervals of about 1 to 3 meters (3 to 10 feet). Labeling of each Paper with its location is encouraged for easy identification and analysis after spraying. After setting the cards in place and spraying the area, wait until the Paper is dry to collect and analyze.

Evaluating the Paper can be done via a visual inspection, by counting the drops or with the use of a smartphone app.

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Award-winning quality agriculture tools for optimal sprayer performance from SpotOn®. Perform preventative maintenance service to your sprayer tips and monitor your sprayer’s applications to run efficiently and reduce costs! Explore the SpotOn® Nozzle Cleaner and Tip Tool combo pack, designed specifically for spray tip and nozzle body cleaning and maintenance. Verify your sprayer’s pressure sensor or gauge as well as find blockage in hoses and booms with the SpotOn® Spray Tip Pressure Tester. The SpotOn® Spray Tip Tool Kit has everything you’ll need to test nozzles, clean spray tips, and calibrate sprayers – it comes in a durable carrying case that will keep all your SpotOn® tools organized, secured, and ready for use in the field, classes, or clinics. Be sure to check out all the tools SpotOn® offers that will aid in your sprayer operations.

About Innoquest, Inc.

Since 1993 Innoquest president and licensed engineer Bill Hughes has designed over 75 products for the agriculture and greenhouse sectors, 19 of which have won AE-50 awards from the American Society of Agricultural Biological Engineers for outstanding innovation. The company is located in Woodstock, IL.

All tools are manufactured in the USA and come with a one-year warranty. For more details including where to make a purchase please visit or contact Dawn Robles, Sales Manager via email: or phone: (W) 815-337-8555, (M) 815-271-2115.


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