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Cut Costs During Spraying Season, as seen in CropLife

It’s great to see SpotOn® in CropLife! We all know how important it is to save on costs, check out SpotOn® tools to optimize sprayer performance. Read “Cut costs this spraying season” to catch up on tips that can save you time and money. Cut costs this spraying...

SpotOn® Quantum PAR Light Meter Featured in Tiny Plants

Light Meter Featured in Tiny Plants Book With nearly 30 years in the horticulture field, Leslie Halleck is releasing her latest book, Tiny Plants, where she features our Light Meter! Expected April 20th – it is very much anticipated, we thank Leslie for the...

The Western Producer features our SpotOn® Inversion Tester

We are so excited to share that The Western Producer has highlighted our SpotOn® Inversion Tester in this article! Inversions are invisible, unless you have the tools to look By Robin Booker | May 3, 2018 A tool designed to identify temperature inversions will help...


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