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Spraying your land and crops is routine, but how often do you review your spray coverage? It can often be hard to tell without the visual enhancement provided by SpotOn® Paper. Don’t wait until it’s too late, use SpotOn® Paper to help check your spray coverage. Using too much product can be detrimental to your crop or wallet and too little can be ineffective. Don’t spray in doubt, use SpotOn® Paper to check your spray distribution.

What Is SpotOn® Paper?

SpotOn® Paper is water sensitive paper that allows you to quickly and easily assess your spray coverage. Sensitive to moisture, the yellow paper turns blue wherever spray reaches it allowing for quick and easy spray visualization.

  • Visualize spray coverage
  • Visualize droplet size and uniformity
  • Visualize off-target application

SpotOn® Paper is available in multiple sizes:

Assess several types of spray applications:

  • Boom spraying
  • Aerial spraying
  • Airblast spraying
  • Handheld/Backpack spraying

How To Use Water Sensitive Paper

important! To avoid smudging, always handle the paper by the edges. We recommend using the included tweezers and/or wearing gloves (rubber or waterproof) when handling the paper as moisture on your fingers activates the paper.

important! To preserve its shelf-life, please store the paper in the sealed package when not in use.

Once ready to begin assessing your spray coverage, identify the areas you would like to check and deploy the SpotOn® Paper. Depending on the type of spray application, you can either clip or staple them to branches, leaves or vines; attach them to wooden laths (for field spraying); or for aerial spraying, attach the paper to blocks spaced at intervals of about 1 to 3 meters (3 to 10 feet).

It’s a good idea to make a note on the back of each card so you can easily identify which card belongs to which location once you collect the cards.

After setting the cards in place and spraying the area, wait until the paper is dry, collect and analyze.

How To Evaluate The Paper

A visual inspection will yield an immediate general analysis of your spray application.

  • Overdosing : heavily covered paper with no defined droplets, appearance of running liquid
  • Underdosing : sporadic, minimal blue specks
  • Off-target : paper placed outside the application area should show no droplets

Counting the drops is another simple but more accurate method of evaluating your spray coverage. Below is a sampling of standards you can use for comparison:

  • 20-30 droplets per cm² : insecticides
  • 20-30 droplets per cm² : pre-emergent herbicides
  • 30-40 droplets per cm² : contact foliar herbicides
  • 50-70 droplets per cm² : fungicides

Using a smartphone app is a newer way to assess your results. There are a few apps* available from Apple and Google that you may want to consider using. Snapcard* is one example; it’s easy to use, just open the app, take a photo of the paper and you’re presented with data.

*Innoquest Inc. is in no way affiliated with or a sponsor of third-party apps, details provided are purely for informational purposes, use of the app(s) should be done solely at your discretion and at your own risk.


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