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Water Sensitive Paper For Agricultural Spraying

Water Sensitive Paper For Agricultural Spraying

The Power of Water Sensitive Paper for Optimal Spray Coverage: SpotOn® Paper Popularly known as water sensitive paper, spray pattern paper, or even water indicator paper, SpotOn® Paper, is an innovative solution used in agriculture primarily to assess and monitor the...

SpotOn® Debuts Soil Moisture Meter

As with all other SpotOn® products, the newly launched SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter lives up to expectations and more. Quick and accurate soil moisture, salinity (ec), and temperature readings in a compact and durable design. Both 2.375” and 1.5” probe rods are...

SpotOn® Sensor Technology

SpotOn® Sensor Technology is a proprietary filter stack coupled with an integrating light sensor to provide a flat PAR response from 400 to 700 nm under both natural and artificial light...


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