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SpotOn® Sensor Technology

SpotOn® Sensor Technology is a proprietary filter stack coupled with an integrating light sensor to provide a flat PAR response from 400 to 700 nm under both natural and artificial light sources.

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Southern Hemisphere Spring Season

September marks the beginning of spraying season for our friends in the southern hemisphere and we have the tools you need! SpotOn® has products to keep your spraying essentials in tip-top shape. Check for worn, clogged or otherwise comprised nozzles, perform...

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Save Money Every Time You Spray!

MONITOR YOUR SPRAY COVERAGESPOTON® PAPER Water Sensitive PaperUse SpotOn® Paper to check your spray distribution; too much product can be detrimental to your crop and wallet, while too little application can be ineffective.WHAT IS SPOTON® PAPER? SpotOn® Paper is...

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Are Trees Jeopardizing Your Turf?

Did you know your trees may be impacting the adjacent turf's health and playability? Taking periodic light readings will aid in making tree trimming or removal decisions. The SpotOn® Quantum PAR Light Meter ($295 US list price) is an accurate, convenient, handheld...

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Lower Your Costs This Season!

How To Save Money During Agriculture Spraying Season Our SpotOn® product line is inclusive of several maintenance tools to help lower your costs this season. We understand that these challenging times may be impacting purchasing decisions, but with SpotOn®, you’ll be...

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Product Spotlight: GoCheck™ Preflight Multi-Tool

GOCHECK™ PREFLIGHT MULTI-TOOL 6-in-1 ToolWith space at a premium in most flight bags, this innovative device combines multiple preflight tools in one compact unit - it's just 6" long!1. FUEL TESTER WITH STRAINER Slide off fuel tester has ample capacity, features an...

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Illinois Shelter In Place Order & Innoquest Inc.

Dear Valued Dealers/Distributors, A state-wide 'shelter in place' order was issued by our state governor yesterday, to comply, effective immediately through April 8th, we are shutting down production. During this time, we will continue to fulfill your orders with...

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Product Spotlight: SpotOn® Digital Soil Compaction Meter

SPOTON® DIGITAL SOIL COMPACTION METERA digital version of the dial penetrometer, the SpotOn® Digital Soil Compaction Meter combines a rugged design with ease of operation. Its 0.505" steel cone ensures years of service and its stainless-steel shaft is marked every 4"...

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