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As with all other SpotOn® products, the newly launched SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter lives up to expectations and more.

Quick and accurate soil moisture, salinity (ec), and temperature readings in a compact and durable design. Both 2.375” and 1.5” probe rods are included and when not in use, the second set can be stored in the handle bar – no need to worry about misplacing them!

Its ultra high frequency (100 MHz) measuring circuit provides accurate moisture measurements in a variety of soil types and salinity levels. Users can perform readings with ease and confidence knowing that the rubber mounted rods resist bending in dry or rocky soil.

The SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter is currently exclusively available from select dealers: Precision USA, Turf-Tec International and Forestry Suppliers.

Check out all the meter’s features and spec details here.


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