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The SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter provides quick & accurate soil moisture, EC (salinity), and temperature readings; two sets of probe rods (2.4” & 1.5”) are included.

Woodstock, IL (July 11, 2023) — Innoquest Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of precision meters for the agriculture and turf industries is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter. This meter has been uniquely designed to provide users with a convenient solution for continuous soil moisture measurements as well as EC and temperature readings. Included are two sets of probes (2.4” & 1.5”); unlike other meters on the market, its innovative design allows for tool-free rod changeouts in the field when different rod lengths are required. Additionally, it utilizes different measurement technology that operates at a higher frequency (100MHz) than competitive products, resulting in readings that are more accurate in high salinity or clay-content soils.

A Soil Moisture Meter For Various Applications

The SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter is designed to provide benefits in various industries that rely on irrigation to regulate soil moisture levels including turf, commercial lawn care services and golf courses. This versatile meter caters to the needs of these diverse sectors, facilitating effective monitoring and management of soil moisture. “Parameters measured by this meter are essential for proper irrigation management which requires control of soil water content while avoiding buildup of salts within the root zone” shares Bill Hughes, President of Innoquest. Innoquest takes pride in introducing this meter, which has been designed with a strong emphasis on user-friendly operation, easy maintenance, and an attractive price point.

The SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter is now available for purchase via dealers and distributors at a US list price of $995.00.

SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter Key Features

Regardless of the specific industry or application, the meter’s features are set to increase productivity and accuracy in the field for all users.

  1. Continuous readings for quick moisture testing (no button pressing required)
  2. Accurate measurements: soil volumetric water content (VWC), salinity (EC), and soil surface temperature (°F or °C)
  3. Rubber-mounted rods resist bending in dry or rocky soil, an issue common with competitive products when rocks are encountered during insertion into the soil
    • Includes both 2.4” and 1.5” probe rods
    • Rods store in the unit’s handle
    • Additional/replacement rods available (sold separately)
  4. Ultra high frequency (100 MHz) measuring circuit ensuring accurate moisture measurements in a variety of soil types and salinity levels
  5. No calibration required; the meter maintains accuracy as long as the rods are not bent or worn

About Innoquest Inc.

Innoquest has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for the agricultural industry since 1993, and in recent years, has expanded its expertise to serve other industries including turf and greenhouse. Innoquest president and licensed engineer Bill Hughes has designed over 75 products, 19 of which have won AE-50 awards from the American Society of Agricultural Biological Engineers for outstanding innovation. The company is located in Woodstock, IL.

The SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter is manufactured in the USA and comes with a one-year warranty. For more details including where to make a purchase or to start selling the meter, click here or contact Dawn Robles, Sales Manager.


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SpotOn® Soil Moisture Meter

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