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Our SpotOn® Inversion Tester is all the buzz lately and we’re honored to be mentioned in an Indiana Prairie Farmer’s article!

New tool helps pinpoint weather on farm

Hi-Tech Farming: This device can tell you whether a temperature inversion is present.
By Tom J Bechman 1 | May 07, 2018

You are likely aware of drift concerns with the newest dicamba herbicides for application on dicamba-tolerant soybeans, whether you grow the beans and spray the herbicides or not. Thousands of farmers attended dicamba herbicide training during the off-season just in case they decided later to use the product, or maybe just to know what could be sprayed near their fields.

Labels for these dicamba products prohibit spraying if a temperature inversion exists. The risk for off-target movement goes up during a temperature inversion.

Now there’s a tool to help you know if a temperature inversion exists at your location. Bill Hughes, president of Innoquest Inc., Woodstock, Ill., says his company created the tool to help farmers and pesticide applicators more easily comply with label requirements for temperature inversions.

During a temperature inversion, the air above a field is warmer than the air at plant level. The SpotOn Inversion Tester can provide accurate air temperature measurements at boom height so you can satisfy label requirements. The tool is a meter long, and is collapsible when not in use.

The operator simply holds the device at 1 and 3 meters above the ground, Hughes says. If the temperature is higher at 3 meters vs. 1 meter, there’s an inversion. The instrument display reads: “inversion present.” Spraying isn’t recommended in this case.

The tool comes with a replaceable lithium battery and a one-year guarantee; it lists at $375. To learn more, call 800-637-1623 or visit…read the entire article on, click here.


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