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SpotOn® External PAR Sensor

$375.00 US List Price

Item Number: 38880
One year warranty

An affordable sensor that provides scientifically accurate photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) light readings under any light source including LED!



SpotOn® Sensor Technology

SpotOn® Sensor Technology is a proprietary filter stack coupled with an integrating light sensor to provide a flat PAR response from 400 to 700 nm under both natural and artificial light sources.

Provides accurate PAR light readings from ANY light source:

– Full sun to full shade indoors or outdoors.
– Artificial light sources (LED, High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide,
Florescent, Halogen…).

Integral bulls eye level for easy setup with included spring-loaded jack screws.


Includes all mounting hardware (screws, U-bolt, 90° bracket, and cable ties).

Range: 0 to 3,000 µmol m-2 s-1
Ourput: 0 to 3.0 volts corresponding to 0 to 3,000 µmol with linear relationship. Valid output 4ms after power on. With continuous power reading is updated every 6.5s.
Input Power 3.00 volts Regulated
Power Draw: 1.3 mA
Accuracy: +/- 5% (each sensor is calibrated to a NIST traceable light sensor on a broad-spectrum light source)
Azimuth Error: +/- 1% over 360°
Water Resistant: IP-65 rated for outdoor use
Operating Environment:0-130°F(-18°C) with 0-100% RH
Sensor Cable: 6ft (1.8m) shielded cable with 2.5mm Stereo Plug
Size & Weight: 2.5in(6.4cm) Día x 1.08in(2.8cm) H 0.25lb (113g)
Response Data:Spectral Response

Cosine Response


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